Bloom Where You’re Planted

Welcome to my crazy little RV-World I’m so glad that you took the time to stop in. It seems like a month of Sundays since I’ve had a moment to blog …. but as most of you know I do my best writing while traveling.

This morning while I was sitting on the porch , sipping my tea, and watching the world around me wake up I had a thought… surprisingly it was a rather good one!

Right after Easter we were traveling back to SC after a beautiful weekend with family and friends … and as usual the car was pretty packed .

It truly amazes me how we can shove so much in such a “small” car…. but this particular trip I had to carry a small spring cactus with us .

Anybody who knows anything about me knows daisies and cacti are my two most favorite flowers/plants .

Well …. as we were traveling the traffic was horrible and we were both just ready to get back to the rv and rest …. about 6.5 hours into our trip a truck cut over in front of us causing Joey to have to dive toward the medium and get our car stopped .

Oh my, everything inside the car shifted … and I mean shifted . My beautiful cactus fell over and rolled under the seat .

Taking a few moments to calm our beating hearts and to catch our breath , Joey made sure that everything was okay before pulling back onto the highway .

Quietly I bent down and started fishing my beautiful plant from under the car seat . It was a little topsy-turvy but nothing I couldn’t fix.

Then something happened that I will never forget as long as I live… as I stood there holding my cactus it bloomed right there in front of me . I couldn’t take my eyes off the tiny buds as they opened up in all their glory …

it was truly breathtaking….

you see just because it had gotten tossed and dumped it didn’t matter … it was time for my tiny plant to bloom and right there in my hand it bloomed . As I carefully dusted the dirt and fuzz off it’s tiny green stems it reminded me of sweet old man that I met my very first day living in the tiny little town of Friendsville …

His name was Sonny and he knew everyone in town… he called them by name and he knew what was happening in their lives … because he truly cared .

He took time to stop and ask about a sick child or an ailing marriage … he could always make you smile … he was ready to pray and offer encouraging words . No matter what he would not “force” his faith on anyone … but he loved them and his influence lingered wherever he was . He truly had about him “the fragrance of Christ “. (2 Corinthians 2:15)

Please never forget that you have that same fragrance wherever you go as we quietly manifest Jesus’ love.

I challenge you this week to never give up! And even if you feel like no one acknowledges your efforts … God sees and knows all …. so just go ahead and Bloom right where you are planted!

Be blessed , be bold, and be you !


2 thoughts on “Bloom Where You’re Planted

  1. girl you made my cry, and believe it or not I was just think about him and how he loved life in our beautiful mountains he loved spring and you are so right he loved people. love you my friend forever and always🌼🌵🌼🌵🌼🌵

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    1. I was bawling yesterday when I wrote it … he did love his simple Mountain life and he loved the people that God placed in his path !! and if it were not for him I would not have met you .. and that would have been horrible !! Love you always , forever, and no matter what !! Xoxo 😘 thank you for reading my blog it means more than you know !! 🌵 😍😘🌵🌸🌼🌺💞💕


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