My Self Talks …

Happy Sunday … it’s gonna be a fabulous day! Welcome to my crazy lil RV-World I’m so glad that you stopped in!

Yesterday I had a moment when I found myself having a feeling of not being enough … I went to my closet to get dressed and all my clothes seemed frumby . I looked in the mirror and my laugh lines had turned into cracks… and as I stared at myself I picked myself apart until I sat on the side of the bed and allowed the tears to flow.

Then as I crawled into bed I smiled and pretended that everything was fine …as my hubby’s steady breathing and gentle snores assured me he was asleep… i did the only thing I knew to do; I prayed for a mind of peace and to see myself through God’s eyes.

This morning I got up early and took a moment to again pray over my mind and I felt His love completely overwhelm me.

Then Pastor’s sermon this morning shook me to my core … he spoke of Psalm 103 and the importance of self talk … uplifting and life speaking self talk !

Then I went outside and allow the sunshine to warm my face and dry my tears ….. then the writing started to flow out of me .

No one is more influential in your life than you are, because no one talks to you as much as you talk to yourself.

I’m sure some of you are reading that statement and laughing! BUT trust me…I’m being quite serious.

We are in an unending, incredibly important conversation with our souls every moment of every day.

We interpret, organize, and analyze what’s going on inside and outside of ourselves.

If you are anything like me… you probably talk to yourself about the past, you talk to yourself about the future, and you talk to yourself about what you’re experiencing in the present. There are times that I’m talking to myself only to disagree and then I find myself arguing with myself! Haha, now that takes skill!!

Obviously, this is an internal conversation – if you had this conversation aloud they would probably carry you away. But in full disclosure there have been times that I’ve had these conversations out loud when I’m alone in my RV …. trust me the dog looks at me like I’ve lost my mind.

But… you see that’s why it’s so dangerous – we often don’t even realize that we’re saying things to ourselves. But we are!

We are saying things to ourselves that will shape who we are, how we see ourselves, our desires, actions, and theology.

Most times if we are not careful we will even believe our own thoughts over what God says … when Pastor spoke this today my soul jumped … WOWZA!

So friends…. what are you saying to you about God and your circumstances? Do your words stimulate favor, faith, hope, and courage?

Or does your talk stimulate doubt, discouragement, and fear?

Do you remind yourself that God is near, or do you reason within yourself that, given your circumstances, He must be distant?

Here’s the question that I wrote to myself today: how wholesome, faith-driven, and Christ-centered is the conversation that you have with yourself every day?

Do you remind yourself of your need? Do you point yourself once again to the beauty and practicality of God’s grace?

Do you tell yourself to run toward him in those moments when you feel like running from him?

Do you remind yourself that you are His Beloved Child … that He brings freedom, favor , and faith into life situations?

No one is more influential in your life than you are, because no one talks to you as much as you talk to yourself. What will you say to you today?

I challenge you today to take a moment a speak life, healing , and wholeness into your life !!

I had along talk with myself today and there was a moment when I was at a loss for words … so I went to Psalm 103 and talk to myself from the words of David… Bless the Lord oh my soul !!!!

True story this was me this morning after I had a long healthy talk to myself … and I made a promise to myself that I would be a blessing not only to those around me BUT to me as well !!!

Dear Self … you are loved beyond measure! You are a beloved daughter of God and He’s absolutely crazy about you!

Bless the Lord Oh, My Soul

Be blessed, be bold, and be you



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