It’s the 26th Right ?

Merry Blogmas! Welcome to my crazy lil RV-World… I’m so glad that you stopped in. Today was a quiet day for me …. not a lot got accomplished, but that’s okay! Tomorrow is a new day.

I was watching my children gather up their Christmas gifts and I chuckled to myself as I saw them perform the famous, “out with the old & in with the new”.

In a child’s world, one of the best things about Christmas is getting gifts. As a child I was no different… I would eagerly anticipated the delight of Christmas morning finding the “Santa” gifts, dumping out my stocking, and opening presents from family and friends.

The annual experience of gift-getting made Christmas the feel-good day of the year.

Hubby and I have always enjoyed giving gifts to our children… even now that they are adults we want them to know that they are special, and worthy of our generosity. We want to be a blessing to our children.

In that way, I think Christmas can be a small picture of God’s generous grace to us. After all, the Greek word for grace, “charis”, means a gift or favor given, and our heavenly Father has always showered his grace upon us with lavish generosity and love that is beyond what we can comprehend.

The downside of all the Christmas day gift getting, of course, is that children generally will not make the abstract connection between a new bike, game, or toy, and God’s “new every morning” grace toward us. At least not immediately. I know it’s something that has to be taught.

Now that our children are grown, and walking with God on their own, they can see it and understand it. And that has made Christmas a unique and memorable day in our family lives. With that said we still share the Christmas story before the first gift is opened.

However, Christmas day is where many of us, tend to stop. It’s build, build, build, BOOM!…and bust. Before we know it it’s December 26th and all we can think about is getting our house back to “normal”…. and I’m so glad that’s over with.

If we just slam the brakes on our Christmas season after the highs of Christmas day, it’s no wonder children feel a tad confused and exhausted. It’s all this hype and then after it’s over we try to pretend it never happened while we complain about all the work.

“Yes, of course, I am thankful for all I received…

yet down in my stomach I’m not feeling pleased Christmas day is amazing, exciting, and fun…but what do I do now that Christmas is done?”

That has been my thought throughout this day …. and to be honest I don’t want it to end.

So, I challenge you today to start a new tradition … don’t allow Christmas to just crash and burn … but rather savor the moment.

For the next 12 days I will have a word of the day and a scripture that I send to my husband and our 3 beautiful children!

My hope is that together we can make it part of our family’s holiday traditions… to keep celebrating and also to restore balance after Christmas day, using the next twelve days to focus on the reality of God being “with us” in our daily lives.

Happy December 26th … May you feel the “LOVE” of Christ like you never have before!! Take a moment to share is love with someone!

Be blessed, be bold, and be you!



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