The Journey Down My Road

Merry Blogmas!! It’s gonna be a good day … a very good day! I find it hard to believe that it’s already December first …. welcome to my crazy lil RV-World!

The other day I found myself going through pictures trying to find one … you know the one that your heart remembers but your mind tries to tell you that you never actually captured the shot?

The picture was of a road that Joey & I loved to walk down holding hands, and gazing at the NC Sunset. It is a quiet gravel road with the trees almost touching above having sprinkled their leaves across it’s dirt path.

As I sat there on the floor gazing at the once lost photograph my mind started thinking about the many types of roads that take us to different destinations. Some are paved and crowded with cars speeding by; while others are quiet and peaceful but can become muddy and unstable when it rains. I guess what I’m trying to say is roads are a lot like life.

I remember standing there at the end of the road watching the sunset… and the longer we stood there the darker it became . Standing in the darkness we talked about plans for our future … each of us revealing dreams that we had and silently agreeing that it’s those dreams and desires that keep us moving forward!

As we made our way through the darkness trying not to get off the path to the RV it became crystal clear that where we were that very moment was because of decisions that we had made. That’s the truth for each of us…. we are here because we made a decision to be here!

You see, it’s pretty exciting if you think about it…. we can choose … we can decide for ourselves the path …. we can continue to grow in our journeys and go deeper into His word. Or we can choose to stand in the middle of the road refusing to move forward.

Tonight as I lie in bed listening to Silver Bells … I’m overwhelmed with such peace because as we travel down the road of life we needn’t worry about where we are going, but whom we are following.

I would rather follow God’s lead and stay on course, than go my own way and stumble along. For when I am uncertain about the correct path to follow, God illuminates the way.

“I will lead the blind on roads they have never known; I will guide them on paths they have never traveled. Their road is dark and rough, but I will give light to keep them from stumbling.” Isaiah 42:16 (CEV)

By simply staying on the path and following the light, every obstacle becomes visible.

Think about all the roads you will go down today; each one leads to a different destination. Sometimes we may get wrong directions and go down a wrong road never reaching the destination we desire…. but that’s okay !!! Because God is the God of second changes … He’s willing and able to make our path straight.

My challenge for you today is to take a moment and slow down so you can enjoy the journey… because in those moments of calm that’s when we can hear His voice … no matter where today takes you never forget you are a child of God… and you are not alone !!!

Be blessed, be bold, and be you

Xoxo 😘< strong><



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