Toast, tea, and a Good Story 

Happy Thursday! Welcome to my crazy lil RV-World so glad you took the time to stop in today.

These past few days have been totally crazy around our house & RV… I don’t know if I’m coming or going! I’ve heard it said many times that anything worth doing is worth doing right. In my heart and head I know this is true BUT my 47 year old body seems to be bucking up against this statement.

This morning I found myself feeling just a tad under the weather and as I sat outside watching the sunrise I tried to talk myself in to going back to bed. 

Funny thought going back to bed when my  “to do” list is longer than my right leg! 

So, how do you handle days when you feel sick? Maybe you are one of those people who just tough it out , or maybe you just stay in bed and wait for someone to tend to your sniffles. 

No matter how we handle not feeling well it’s those moments that we want our moms around to make everything better.

When my children were little I was never big on throwing medicine at every stomachache or sniffle . Still to this day my 3 adult children use my wonder-working combination. My tea & toast could cure a sore throat , calm an upset stomach, and even quiet a banging head. There is something quite remarkable about warming a person from the inside out. Oh, I know there are ailments that even my tea and buttered toast can’t take away but I know it does bring comfort. I don’t care who you are but when things are feeling rough comfort is our love language.

We’ve all had times when we have longed to ease the pain of someone close to us. We struggle to decide what to do when we can’t find something in our kitchen cupboards to fix the situation. Often times it’s not a physical illness that people need comfort from BUT the wounds that people can’t see, and the scars that go deep down inside of us that cause us to hide our heads and push people away ! I have learned that in those moments a heaping dose of kindness and an encouraging word canoffer the   best remedy. 

Wounded people are daily walking around us. They hide their hurts behind plastered on smiles and turn their eyes to keep us from seeing to far into those souls …. but in reality the are desperate for a little kindness and some tea and toast comfort….. everybody has a story and every story deserves to be told, no matter the title or the chapter you walked in on … everyone deserve a kind word and a comforting smile.

What if we made a choice to lavish kind words on everyone we met along our daily journey? What if we allowed our smile to be the first thing that others encounter? What if we carefully choose our words to be more gracious and less critical? 

I know we can’t fix all situations, but we can use kind words to bring alittle sweetness to the people that are around us!! We are all children of God … and in Him we can do all things that bring us strength!

I challenge you today to see others the way Christ sees them … to speak life, healing, and wholeness! Allow His love to flow from you! 

Have a amazing Thursday… never forget that He loves you beyond measure !! 

Be blessed, be bold, and be you!  Xoxo 


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