A Birthday to Remember 

Happy Tuesday!!! I know it’s gonna be an amazing day!! As I was going through my hope-chest the other day I found this handwritten journal entry and I wanted to share it with you! So welcome to my crazy lil world… I so glad you stopped in.

Journal Entry July 18, 2016 

They say home is where your heart is … and as I sit here in the early morning of my 46th birthday and watch my pink twinkle lights doing a dance on my mantle my mind starts to drift and wonder!!! 
The first thing that pops in my mind is that I have a good, good father ..who loves me beyond what I can understand. And as I type this I want you to know that HE loves you too … beyond measure!!
So for as long as I can remember (atleast 20 years) I would wake on my birthday and get giddy … cuz it was finally here MY Birthday … the day that Papa chose to introduce me to the world… and then I would open my bible to my scipture. My go to ” Kecia ” scripture …
Zephaniah 3:17(NLT) For the Lord your God is living among you. He is a mighty savior. He will take delight in you with gladness. With his love, he will calm all your fears. He will rejoice over you with joyful songs.”

Well… this birthday started at midnight … and as I laid in the stillness of the night and listened to the hum of the AC and the steady breathing of my hubby… I felt as though Papa was calling me to a special place that was just for him and I … and as I listened in the darkness I began to pray over myself .. and the prayer of wholeness turned into a song of wholeness that shook my very core . For 10 mins I allowed Papa to complete a work of wholeness that only he could do!! It’s a work that HE started many years ago … (43, to be exact) when as a toddler my world was totally turned upside down and that feeling of being fatherless turned into years of searching for a Papa encounter…. and I can say without a doubt that at 12:01 am on July 18th … my Papa showed up … 
Footnote* my dad didn’t abandoned me … and him and I are healthy and restored!! Let’s just say the truth will always set you free!!

This morning as I waited for my earl gray to steep I grabbed my bible and this time as I let my fingers flipped through the pages … God gently nudged me to keep Flippin… BUT I don’t wanna flip forward I want to read my scripture … and I felt his presence so strongly …. and as I allowed my fingers to continue through the thin bible pages … I found my new scripture…for my new year … for my new adventure … and although zephaniah 3:17 will always speak to my core .. I know that it’s time to shake off the comfy blanket of fimiliar … and walk with boldness and bravery into MY NEW!!!   Cliffhanger … not revealing my new scripture yet. . 😂

Dear Friends allow HIM to call you into a place that you can tune out everything but HIm… 
Trust me … I know it’s sometimes easier to hold on to what we know … to cling to fimiliar when things all around us feel topsy tirvey.. BUT trust me … it’s worth it to allow HIM to lead you into your newness & wholeness !!

And as I close out this journal entry I can tell you this… I would go through it all again. Every part of it to be where I am today…… Sipping earl gray, listening to classical music, watching pink twinkle lights and feeling Papa’s wholeness filling in the cracks of a once half -baked life !!

From my heart to yours..
Be blessed, be bold, and be you 


2 thoughts on “A Birthday to Remember 

  1. Beautiful words from a beautiful birthday girl. Always let God take you to the next chapter. Love you and your family!


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