Monday Fun Day

Good Monday Morning! Welcome to my crazy lil world… I’m believing it’s gonna be a good day! 
I truly love meeting people and learning little snippets about their lives. I believe that is why I have found FB to fun. I enjoy reading the words and insights that my friends share, (many friends I have yet to meet in person). I have come to believe that one of the biggest struggles of being human is figuring out what our dreams really look like. Knowing our purpose and where we want to be heading in life is something so many of us battle along the way, and sometimes looking to the people who inspire us can be a great way to help us figure it out.
Last night as I was talking to myself at the ice cream shop this thought started to take shape.. our dreams don’t always look the same as the friends who we are inspired by – and that’s a good thing. If our dreams and goals come from outside sources, they’ll feel empty and disappointing when we finally reach them. We are made up of everything that we have encountered along our life’s journey. This also includes all the things we’ve consumed and all the lives that we have been inspired by. But sometimes, if we dig a little deeper, we can see that what we’re inspired by isn’t always their practical life choices, but instead the intentions and values behind the decisions that they make.
I guess what I’m trying to say is that 27 years ago I married my husband … and he had always promised me a home of my own. Now, life choices and health issues and job changes caused us never to own our own home. We were always blessed with amazing landlords and houses we could afford BUT never was it mine … and many nights I would lay awake with a heavy heart and tears in my eyes because I didn’t have something that I wanted to so bad.
I know it may seem silly to some BUT to me it was a saddness I couldn’t shake … I mean everyone in my family owned their own home and I felt as though I was a failure . 
Well my lovely friends…. 2 days ago my hubby surprised me with the best gift in the world …he gave me a doorbell! A beautiful doorbell for my beloved RV! In all my married years I never had a doorbell .. as I stood outside our RV watching him install my amazing doorbell tears streamed down my face …. a dream I had for 27 years to own my own home and to have a doorbell had finally happened… in that moment before I even picked out my chime I lifted my voice in full thanksgiving!!! My home may not look like your home BUT that’s okay, it’s still my own home with my own doorbell.
Today’s blog post is just a little reminder from me to you to dream big and give yourself permission to shape your own vision for your life. When people reach big milestones in their lives and you worry that you should be chasing the same, ask yourself if it’s something you really want from your life. It’s okay to be whoever it is you are. … you are created to be uniquely you!
There is no one-size fits all rule for how ambitious, brave, or risk-taking we should be. Sometimes what looks like a tiny dream from the outside can be the most fulfilling for the person who’s building it… I stood outside and rang my doorbell for 5 mins, then I made Joey ring it when I went inside so I could say, “come in”! Stay inspired by the awesome people around you, but know that it’s okay if your dreams don’t look exactly like theirs.
“Keep building your big beautiful life, and remember that you never, need permission from anyone else to define what that big beautiful life looks like to you.”
On this Monday the new “Fun-Day” take a few moments to write what your big beautiful life looks like !!
Be blessed, be bold, and be you! 


One thought on “Monday Fun Day

  1. Awwww this is such a beautiful post. I must admit to picture you ringing your new doorbell and then being inside and saying “come in” is such an adorable sweet mental picture. I have cried my share of those “when will I get ___Lord!” I’m so happy you got your doorbell and can enjoy your own home. Love you😘


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