Thursday Devotions from Home

Good Thursday Morning to you Beautiful! I find it hard to believe that today 22 years ago today I gave birth to my 2nd child …. Laken Noel !! Welcome to my crazy lil RV-World!
Sunday August 7, 2011
I truly can’t believe that I had to miss church today as well as our Outreach Meeting…. after missing a birthday party last night I’ve decided to have a party of my own …. a pity party !! I will be so glad to get out of this chair and be able to leave my house ! Pneumonia has not been kind to me this time , I’m usually able to beat it in just a few days… I know that Dr. Yurek keeps telling me I need to listen to my body and not allow it to become run down BUT that’s easier said then done . With tears streaming down my face I call myself … healed , whole, and well!!
I’m so glad that Caleb stayed home with me this morning to keep me company … he’s always good for a laugh and I was able to stay awake long enough to watch Mall Cop ( our favorite mom & son movie).
But tonight as I sit here alone in the stillness all I hear is my own rattled breathing…and if I listen hard enough I think I can actually hear my heart breaking as well …. you see tonight is the dance showcase and I’m going to miss my Lakey Lou dance . She called right before they were to get in their spots and as we talked and I began to pray over her we both broke down and cried . I’m so thankful that God bottles every tear and that He understand our moanings & groaning. 
You see from the moment Laken was born she did things her way … the slow way ! She was 13 days overdue and still she had to be forced to enter this world !! Then she didn’t wanna walk … she liked to sleep and not eat …. oh and she was so quiet you could almost forget that she was in the room!! 
Thinking that tonight in front of family, friends, and stranger she is gonna dance for God’s glory is still so mind blowing !! 
Is this the same little girl whom the doctors told me wouldn’t be able to walk without braces ? The same doctors who showed me how they would break her legs and reset bones …. bones that God created !!??? They were good men , with good fruit , BUT they had a bad report …. and even on the days that I felt like giving in I knew I couldn’t deal in man’s facts BUT I had to deal in God’s truth … and His truth is that by His stripes she was healed !!! 
This night … dance showcase night … she is the Beloved Daughter of the King and she will dance before Him … on legs that have been healed … not by man’s plans BUT by a drop of precious blood!! I’m so tired and I just need to sleep… thank you Journal for always holding my thoughts and dreams right where I leave them !! 
June 22, 2017 
I think being a mom is the hardest job ever but I’m here to tell you it’s worth it … worth every moment !! I truly love being a mom. 
As I read that Journal Entry from years ago the memories come flooding back …. she danced before the Lord when man told us she probably wouldn’t be able to walk without legs being broke and braces… but as a mom I couldn’t allow her to go through the pain … and the night I watched her dad carry her to the alter and as a church family we thanked God for her healing …. we praised Him for her strength… we worshiped Him for the finished work of healing on the cross !!! I knew that no matter what I was going to believe the report of the Lord!!
Happy Birthday Laken … thank you for 22 years of joy and laughter … you are favored … you are blessed !! 
My beloved blog friends … no matter what man says is fact … God deals in truth .. so walk in His truth … believe His report … and when you don’t have words to say, just say His Name!!! Jesus knows and He is the answer ! 
Be blessed, be bold, and be you


4 thoughts on “Thursday Devotions from Home

  1. Oh goodness me and these tears lol. I first started tearing up thinking if you being home feeling so bad while Laken danced. I sure do remember watching her…she was amazing! Nope she didn’t have some kind if big solo piece but our girls don’t need need to be in the spotlight to be amazing! Alyssa and Laken are amazing in all they do. The next tidal wave of tears came as I thought if how Alyssa has a testimony too of overcoming some physical challenges and she dances for her creator in almost every dance camp. She had to miss a summer because of a nasty car accident we had then the next time she danced i was so undone to see her move and know what she had been through. I am so thankful and deeply grateful for God’s hedge of protection around Alyssa. Laken has such a big heart and deep love for Jesus and it’s been such a joy to watch her grow in those years we shared a sanctuary 😊💗. Love you rvgirl and that amazing family too.


    1. Oh my thank you so much for sharing part of your story .. I needed it this morning !! It’s amazing the strength that each of us have and must Days we forget it !! Watching our daughters dance is a beautiful thing!
      Xoxo 😘


  2. Totally an amazing story …had goosebumps the whole time reading it … u both are pretty amazing … and she’s such a beautiful dancer 💃…God is such an amazing God


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