Wear It Wednesday 

Happy “Wear it Wednesday” it’s gonna be a great day because today I chose to wear bravery… even in days that I feel less than brave I have found in Jesus alone I am brave enough ! Welcome to my crazy lil RV-World . 

“Immediately he spoke to them and said, ‘Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid.’” Mark 6:50b (NIV)
I truly love being a mom it’s not always easy but even in the struggles it is always worth it. Raven being the eldest of the three has always taken that job seriously, still to this day she refers to Laken and Caleb as the “little ones” haha!! 
Funny how memories come rushing in like a flood when they are triggered. 
The other day while I was getting ready I got sucked into watching The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe together. The spunk and transparency of the youngest character, Lucy, reminded me of Raven. 

At one point in the movie, Lucy speaks with Father Christmas, and he asks her if she is ready for the war that will take place in Narnia. He looks down at her and asks her somberly, “Can you be brave?”

Lucy smiles up at him and answers, “I think I could be brave enough.”

In that brief moment my mind latched ahold of that little girl’s words … and ignited a tiny flame in my soul….. “brave enough”. 

As I stood there totally forgetting about curling my hair I began to think about all the ways I wanted to like Little Lucy, ( who reminded me so much of my little Raven) and be brave enough. Brave enough to forgive , brave enough to speak up , brave enough to judge others Righteous, brave enough to give grace and receive grace … OH my, and brave enough to just BE ME!!

Now I know that I’m not facing a war of Narnian proportions, but what if my daily life still required me to show bravery? “I Am Brave enough for today” has become a daily inspiration and part of my morning routine. When I find myself not wanting to do the hard stuff it has become that little nudge down inside of me. 

I found myself wanting to be brave enough for my ministry. Brave enough for my family. Brave enough to be a good mother and friend. Brave enough to be who God has called me to be in my marriage.

Many times in Raven’s 25 years she’s struggled with life and relationships and at each turn of events I wanted to be brave enough for her…. many times I know that I fell short in this area. BUT what I have learned along the way was I would never have enough courage on my own to face life without fear. I needed a courage that came from outside myself….. I needed His strength and His courage, because my self-manufactured bravery came up short every time.

 Jesus uses the word courage in very specific ways. As you have come to learn I love finding out what words mean ….. So, the original word means “be encouraged” or “take heart.” 

In the Gospels Jesus uses the phrase “take courage” four times. And in each instance, Jesus begins with a command: “Take courage!” And then Jesus offers the essence of Himself to the person as the way courage will be enacted. I found these nuggets of truth to spark yet another fire deep in my soul . As I studied these scriptures out I found a footnote in my Journaling Bible that I wanted to share :

” In one account, He says, ‘Take heart!” and then offers forgiveness of sin. In another, He says “Be encouraged!” and then offers healing. And when He walks out on water in the middle of the night, terrifying His disciples, He offers a simple exhortation, “Take courage. It is I!” This is simply beautiful.

No matter what you need to be brave enough for today, Jesus is the answer !!! When all of Him is in all of you there is nothing left to fear!! He has your forgiveness when you fall short. He has grace that energizes you to try again. He has your healing when you hurt and strength that replaces your weakness. He offers you his presence, giving confidence that comes fully from who He is — not who you are. He is all that you need. 

When you have Jesus, you have all the courage you need, for whatever you may face.

Heavenly Father, I want to believe that in You I have all I need. As I begin today, would You help me be brave enough for whatever You have for me? Give me courage to forgive generously, love fully and shine brightly in the place You’ve placed me to grow. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


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