Fun Friday

Good morning beautiful and happy Friday welcome to my crazy little RV world! I am so honored that you stopped by.
This morning started out like any other morning I got up and it was still a little dark outside. It was so quiet that I could hear the birds chirping in the trees and the sun was just starting to light up the sky. As I sat in the stillness of the morning I was so overcome with peace that all I could do was lift of my voice in praise & thanksgiving!! I’ve come to learn that no one can take my praise that I offer up … no matter what my praise to Him is just that MY PRAISE!! 
As my morning moved along I found myself moving from one task to another but all the while I was able to keep my mind on Christ and my heart filled with praise …. it was gonna be a good day , a very good day !!! 
Then it happened, you know that thing that jumps out in front of you and is totally unexpected. 
I opened up my closet to decide what I was going to wear for the day and as I pulled out my favorite t-shirt I noticed that it was wet … and I don’t mean a little wet I mean dripping wet! As I pulled out a few more pieces of clothing the outcome was the same … dripping wet . For a moment I just stood there feeling my praise slip away as my freak out was taking over. I had no idea while my clothes were dripping wet but my mind told me it wasn’t a good thing !   
As the tears threatened to spill out I called to Joey to come help me because something was not right … and by not right I meant horribly wrong! The entire ceiling of my closet was dripping huge drops of water all over my freshly washed clothes. 
As we brought the slide in and made plans to climb on the roof to find what had caused our slide roof to leak my heart began to fill with fear. In that moment… my peaceful morning of praise turned into a fearful game of, “what if” and my game was starting to rack up bills in my mind! 
After 30 mins of stressing out and feeling like I had no peace I took a moment and walked away from my wet closet and drippy clothes …. and for 10 mins I sat in the quiet of our RV bathroom. In those few minutes I lifted up my voice in full blown praise and complete thanksgiving!!! His presence was so thick that all I could do is worship Him!! His peace was like a comfy blanket that had totally engulfed me! 
It took us several hours to dry out my closet and get my clothes dry … we are still not 100% sure how all the water got in there BUT what we do know is that no cracks were found … and that the roof was dry. As we went through our day I kept my heart focused on praise and thanksgiving! He is my calm … He is my peace !!! 
As I sit here finishing up this post the sky is black and the storm is causing high winds and rain …. but I know that in the storms of life Jesus is my calm !!!! Even if I get wet in the process I will praise Him with my whole heart !!!! It is truly well with my soul .
Have an amazing weekend …. be blessed, be bold, and be you !!! 

Xoxo 😘 


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