Wear It Wednesday 

Happy “Wear it Wednesday ” today I choose to wear the confidence that allows me to know that I can live a life full of dreaming big and aiming high!! Welcome to my crazy lil RV-World!
Travel Journey Entry 

March 13, 2016  
Yesterday we got up at 6am… and after springing forward I found myself tired and begging for an iced Chia tea… after a long hot shower I downed my tea… adorned my Joy t-shirt and flowered sneakers and headed the flower and garden show at Epcot.
As I walked around and saw how in just a few short hours they transformed the already beautiful park into a huge, wide open walking, talking flower garden. Flowers had been formed into favorite Disney characters ….butterflies of all shapes, sizes and colors fluttered around… the smell of flowers made you feel totally rejuvenated… God’s beauty was every where! It was totally intoxicating!
Watching this total transformation was mind blowing , Disney stepped outside the box 23 years ago creating this amazing environment, some one dreamed big , and aimed high. As I walked through all these wide open gardens …I got to thinking about this scripture …
2 Corinthians 6:10-13 (MESSAGE)

Dear, dear Corinthians, I can’t tell you how much I long for you to enter this wide-open, spacious life. We didn’t fence you in. The smallness you feel comes from within you. Your lives aren’t small, but you’re living them in a small way. I’m speaking as plainly as I can and with great affection. Open up your lives. Live openly and expansively!
 So….after a 6 mile walk around the flower and garden show we headed back to the rv… and as I sat in the car my mind started to wonder… and to think ….
How can a life with God be about wide open spaces when there seems to be so many rules and regulations governing our life in Christ? 
As I watched a big butterfly fly to the top of the butterfly tent it made me think how many times in my life I allowed people to put boundaries and restrictions on my walk with Christ that He never placed there . You see the butterflies were flying freely….but only as high as the tent that held them captive. I stood for several minutes watching the same butterfly fly high … hit the top of the tent and fall down….until finally it went over on a near by flower and sat there. He appeared to be watching the other butterflies fly.
As I walked out of the butterfly tent I thought about the love of God …it’s our inability to accept that love freely and journey through life carefree (like those butterflies ) in His Grace that often hinders us from experiencing His wide open spaces.
 Then God tugged at my heart when he showed me that it’s the pride inside of me that I allow to demand control over my destiny. Instead of allowing Him to have total access! I stood there lookin at eeyore made totally of flowers and I wondered if the butterfly let his pride stop him from trying to make it out … and I laughed at myself because I know all to often I have allowed my pride (usually of failure) to stop me from venturing out.
 You see… we have a wide-open spacious life formed and fashioned by the Hand of God waiting for each of us. 
All you have to do is decide that this mediocre existence we are living is not all that there is for us! 
Faith builds a foundation for your escape as you decide to live in the Freedom of Christ. I have the faith to know that God will journey with me … 
The new choices that define your life are not the result of rules but overwhelming love for the One who set you free to dream and prosper. Are you tired of living “in a small way”? 
Small way made me think of this …
Disney World has a ride called ” it’s a small world”….I really enjoyed this ride when I get to ride it.. when I thought about that ride the tune got stuck in my head and I started to hum… and as I hummed I thought ….and then I saw this nugget:
Many times in life, people like to think that they really live in a small world. They do everything they possibly can to keep their world small, convenient and protected. Boxed up if you will….even though this ride is fun and memorable it’s not a ride that God wants us to take through life!!
Let’s stop trying to live small and start living the big, overcoming life Jesus came to give us! 
I challenge you to ask yourself this closing thought :
Are you confined by your existence… I can tell you I have been fenced in more times than I care to admit! It is time to break away from the herd and choose a consecrated life. God is looking for one and that one is you! He will give you the strength!!!
He has wide open spaces that He wants you to journey with him!!!! No dream is too big for our GOD!! He’s crazy about you and He delights in giving you the desires of your heart !!!
Be blessed, be bold, and be you !!

Xoxo 😘 


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