Tuesday Travel Nuggets and quotes

Happy Tuesday Morning… welcome to raining world !! So glad that you decided to stop in !! It’s gonna be a good day !!

A few months ago I was reading a story about a Kansas farmer who had totally lost his barn and land in a fire.  This fire had been caused my a violent thunder-storm. And once all the winds died down and the fire was completely put out he took a walk. And as I looked at the picture I could see his dirty overalls … and worn out boots … and his withered hands were grasping so tightly to his rake … my heart started to stir for this farmer that I did not know !! But what caused me to stop and weep was his tired eyes.. even in the digital image on my iPad I could see the tiredness in his eyes … and as I read on I saw another picture taken about 30 mins after the first … same farmer … same dirty overalls … same worn out boots … same withered hands …same rake… but this time when I enlarged the imagine … his tired eyes were still tired but there was a sparkle if you will … his tired brown eyes had a twinkle of hope !! And I know you are wondering what changed in 30 mins …

You see… as he was walking through the ash … feeling defeated and hopeless he came across his beloved hen … and as he looked down at her lifeless body the pain of loss was more than he could bare… and he was just about to scoop her up to dispose of the body when he heard a chirp … it was faint but he knew what he heard … and as he removed the hens body … three precious baby chicks looked back at him !!!

This is a true story … and I writing this post  through my memory of the pictures and captions that I read… knowing that as I read about this story that the Lord wanted me to share it!! And as I began to write He allowed the words to flow out of me.

So you see dear friends what changed was this … that among the ashes and the soot the old farmer found hope !! And his hope was in the form of three baby chicks that had survived the flames because they were covered under the wings of their mama !! And if you will allow me to embellish a bit … I think the chicks should have been named ..
Rack, Shack, and Benny … haha, get it… those three came through the fire unharmed!

And that night as I read my bible and started to journal I went to

Psalms 91:4

He will cover you with his feathers. He will shelter you with his wings. His faithful promises are your armor and protection.

And I worship the Lord and prayed for this farmer I didn’t know … I began to realize as I drew feathers of all shapes and sizes … that even when things look dark and gray we are covered !! Even when the bills seem to pile up we are covered .. and we can rest in the fact that He will be our shelter.

Just like those three baby chicks were covered … we have a Papa in heaven who is willing and able to cover us … shelter us … he will take our ashes and give us beauty .. he will take what the world calls hopeless and show us hope !!

You know as I finished coloring all my feathers …I stamped the words
I AM covered UNDER HIM

Because He is the great I AM…and under his wings we have refuge from the storm … and we can find peace under his wings.. we can find healing under his wings!!!!

My challenge for you today is find time to completely release all that you are going through to him … so he can cover it !!!!

Always, forever, and no matter what the Lord has you … you are covered !!!

Be blessed, be bold, and be you !
Xoxo 😘



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