Happy Friday

Happy Good Friday !! Welcome to my world..it’s gonna be a good one!! 
Last week a dear friend posted on FB about a shared memory… and that shared memory was from the pages of my story!! What this lovely lady didn’t know was that memory was gonna be used for today’s blog !!! Please pull up chair and grab a nice warm cup of tea… rest in the knowledge that He makes all things new!

Kecia’s Daily Journal March 2016:
Easter Sunday was a very strange day for me for this year …. for as long as I can remember Easter morning started around 5 in the morning …. and it wasn’t to stand on a hill to watch a sunrise and sing a hymn …nope it started at 5am because I had easter baskets to hid … puppets to dress… snacks to make , eggs to dump, dinner to prep …. and my easter to do list went on and on!! And for 21 years I would fall into bed easter Sunday night barley finishing my prayer time before my eyes slammed shut and steady breathing turned into wispy little snores …. exhausted and thanking God Easter was over.
Now, please don’t judge me !! You see when you are a children’s pastor …a wife.. and a mother of 3… Easter takes on a form of its own. Believe me when I tell you I’m not complaining, I love what I’m called to do , but like I said this year was a little different …
Sunday morning at 7am I woke up and for a moment I had to stop and ask myself why I turned off the alarm … and in a panic that I overslept . Then a peaceful hush came over our entire rv. I slowly made my way outside and sat down on my cozy patio chair , and the smell of jasmine and magnolias was so strong that it took my breath away and caused me to breathe deeper so I didn’t miss a moment of this dewy Easter morning . The mist and the fog was so thick that the sunrise would never be seen… but it didnt bother me , cuz I knew the sun was up and it was a new day !!
For 45 mins I sat there watching the birds …smelling the smells… singing soft songs that only me and my Jesus could hear. And as I looked out over my huge cactus… my mind started to wonder ….and I thought about the wall that went up the steps in our Friendsville home…
There was a cluster of photos on that living room wall. Some of those pictures had been with me for almost 20 years …they tell our family’s story: pictures of my kids’ first steps, vacations, and graduations, animals, grandparents, weddings…lots of pictures adorned that wall!! One day i remember dusting all those pictures and a baby photo caught my eye. Well, not so much the picture, but the old frame around it. The one frame that came to my mind so vivid was held together by a small piece of masking tape…
After many moves and changes in decoration styles there was one thing that hadn’t changed our picture frames! And it was on that day I decided to drive to dollar tree and give my photos a facelift by swapping the old frames with up-to-date ones…
This memory came flooding back on Easter Sunday and as the tears ran down my face I realized that God was changing my picture frame … if I would only allow him to re-frame me.
You see…When I placed the almost 20-year-old photo in the new frame, the picture took on a whole new look. Though the photo didn’t change, the reframing altered how I viewed it.
That simple redecorating memory brought to mind the journey that I was on right now. He is doing some serious work in my life … and the changes are causing me to put a “new frame” around my calling, so I can view this time with God’s perspective, not mine.
As I watched the ducks waddle across the yard … God gave me this scripture, I warn you it’s not your typical Easter morning scripture, but then again my God doesn’t do the typical! He does the Kecia , Im gonna meet you right here on this RV patio ..
Song of Solomon 2:10–12
10 My beloved speaks and says to me: “Arise, my love, my beautiful one, and come away, for behold, the winter is past; and the rain is over and gone.The flowers appear on the earth, the time of singing has come, and the voice of the turtledove is heard in our land.
This blew my mind, arise, my beautiful one!!! Come away with me! And I realized that no matter what God has for me …..it’s gonna be okay , cuz I know that He is with me. And I’m ready to go wherever He is going to take me!!!
Later that night I journaled in my bible and as I began to doodle my picture took on a life of its own….I drew a tent surrounded by green grass and colorful flowers .. and just outside the tent I drew two pink pairs of rain wellies.. when ask why a tent and why boots outside the tent.. I simply smiled and said no one in their right mind tent camps in the winter … and He told me my winter is over .. and the boots…. well the rain is gone …so my rainboots don’t need to be on my feet … silly I know , crazy maybe ..but like I said in the beginning it was a strange kind of easter.
Perhaps you are facing some changes in your life and would be encouraged by some “reframing” and a fresh perspective. Ecclesiastes 3:11 says God has made everything beautiful “for its own time.”God has designed our lives into beautiful seasons, but there is a time limit on each one.
Some times the doors are wide-open for our passions and calling … and some times the doors are closed when God asks us to grow spiritually, professionally, relationally, or maybe emotionally.
And before I drifted off to sleep … this prayer I heard before came to my mind … and under the glow of my mickey light I closed my eyes and said something like this …
Father, thank You for the rhythm You have woven into our lives. I am grateful for the past pages in my life’s story and I recognize that You have made it beautiful in Your time. I am grateful for the upcoming journey that is before me and ask You to give me a confident expectation. Amen.
He’s calling us to Arise … to come away … winter is over !!! Our newness is coming.. and He is with us . We are beautiful … we are loved … and it’s time to sing !!!
And as I sat there I sang … I sang out loud… knowing that it’s okay to be framed … if God’s doing the framing.


2 thoughts on “Happy Friday

  1. That was beautiful. I love the reframing and how it really does change the look and how we view. Wow. Thank you for sharing💕


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