Wear It Wednesday 

Happy Wednesday!!! Welcome to my wonderful world … today I choose to wear love!!! On this, “Wear it Wednesday” what will you put on???
Today we are celebrating Joey’s 47th birthday …. I love celebrating him everyday, BUT today it is truly all about him!!!
I was once a wife who was quick to point out my husband’s faults. Quick to let him know when he was falling short of my expectations. Quick to let him know when he wasn’t loving me as God does.

You can’t really blame me, can you? There isn’t a wife on earth who doesn’t want her husband to love her unconditionally – as God does. But when I turned it around and started trying to love my husband as God loves me, that’s when things began to change in our marriage. I began focusing less on his faults and more on my own… and my own need for God’s grace in my life.
The other morning while I was making his iced coffee and he was making my iced chia tea (it’s something we do every morning , and our children laugh out loud at the sight of it)

We began talking about how there would be far less marriages struggling today if just one partner in every marriage practiced the Bible’s definition of love. 
Now, can you imagine what marriages would look like if both partners practiced unconditional, sacrificial and persevering love? There would be no strife, no stress, no bitterness, no built-up baggage. There would be no devastation or divorce. I share this from a place of understanding, because I have walked away from my marriage hurt , angry, and unwilling to forgive . Joey walked away bitter, angry, and unwilling to put down his pride !! We understand love lost … we totally get a hurt that is so deep that you wonder if you will ever heal!!
We had to decide to be willing to give up the rights to ourselves so that we could serve one another. We knew this would be a perfect picture in our love toward each other of God’s love toward us.
Maybe your spouse doesn’t seem like the person they once were. Yet you are still with them. That is persevering love. That is love that says “I made a promise… now I’m keeping it.” God did the same with you and me. Take a look at His never failing, unending, persevering love for you and see if you can’t try modeling this to your spouse… every relationship is worth the fight … choose love to guide you today … and everyday!
As I set here swinging in our backyard watching the bunnies hop and the birds bathing in the birdbath.. this scripture is playing in my mind … it will be my Birthday wish for my hubby …..
He delights in you, quiets you with His love, and sings over you. He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing. (Zephaniah 3:17)
I will delight in my husband and rejoice over him, simply because of who he is! He is loved by his heavenly father and he is loved by me! When I think about the joy and comfort I have, knowing God feels that way about me…it makes me wanna love Joey even deeper!! 
I wonder what it would add to your spouse’s life if they knew you truly delighted in them!!!
Happy Birthday Darlin!! I know that I love you more now than the day we married…and each day I promise to find new ways to love you !!! Above all else I know that God spent alittle more time on you !!! 
Have an amazing day…be blessed, be bold, and be you! Xoxo 😘


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