Monday Fun Day

Happy Monday the new “Fun-Day”! So excited to see where this week takes us! Thank you for stopping by and never forget you are welcomed to my world!!
I am a wedding junkie … give me a happily ever after … some cheesy wedding music and a box of puffs with lotion and I’m yours!!
It has become such a joke in our home about my love of sappy Hallmark movies that all have the same plot just different people!! My favorite time is the count down to June … cuz it’s wedding month! And I’m in hog heaven… tears run like rain in the Smith household during Hallmark wedding month. My tears are for love found … love lost … and oh, wait love that is found again… the other 4 that make up the Smith family have tears of a laughter, as they make fun of me and my movies !!!
Did you ever notice how beautiful a bride is? Breathtaking …. full of joy and love … completely flawless, and not only to the man waiting down the aisle BUT to everyone around her … breathtakingly flawless … my eyes become moist just thinking about it.
Last month I was looking at a wedding scrapbook and I hardly recognized the beautiful bride staring back at me … there she stood eyes full of love … heart full of hope …and dress that was perfect … and in my eyes she looked flawless on her wedding day!! Hard to believe that was me over 27 years ago … OH MY the things that have happened to me in those 27 years!! The stories I could tell:-/
I am no longer that blushing bride … I am now a woman with blemishes and crows feet… and lots of extra weight, and so on and so on!!! BUT, the other night I was up until almost 2am, and as I sat in the living room I found myself flipping through my bible and I came across this amazing scripture … and as I read it I noticed that the pages of my bible were starting to curl from the tears that came streaming down my face and neck….
Song of Solomon 4:7
You are altogether beautiful, my love, there is no flaw in you .

The Song of Solomon reminds me of God’s relentless love. In chapter 4, He reassures His bride that His love has not diminished because of her sin. In fact, just the opposite. His heart overflows with love for her.
Too often as women we become burdened by self-doubt, believing lies of worthlessness because we have failed. Failed whom? The world? Christ shows us in Song of Solomon the intensity of His love for His bride never ceases…. we are always his bride !!! He sees us that way!!!!
As this new week is just now beginning …take time to allow Christ to speak to your wounded heart. Let yourself find peace and rest in the presence of the Father’s never-ceasing love. It is through Christ that we understand the love of the Father. Daughters, (children) receive the intimate healing of His love. Ask Him to reveal how He sees you – altogether beautiful and without blemish…. completely flawless!!!
Papa, what You see in me must be so because You are truth. Forgive me for believing lies that cause me to not see what You see, give me your eyes. In faith I receive these amazing words of love for me from Your heart. Daily I will speak your words over me that my mind will be renewed and in tune with what you say !!! Thank you for teaching me and showing me You are not looking for perfection in me, but simply a total surrender of my will to You. You are patiently transforming me into Your beautiful image! I stand in awe of who you truly are! My soul is flooded with worship for You. You are the Beloved of my heart, my Lord and my God”
Renew your mind…reset your life … refresh your steps… know you are chosen .. and never forget you are loved !
Be blessed, be bold, and be you!!!!


3 thoughts on “Monday Fun Day

  1. Thank you,beautiful blog post. I am not a person who can point out positive things about myself. I avoid mirrors when I can and unless i’m being goofy i typically prefer to be behind the camera. Thanks for sharing that passage. Maybe i will write it down and hang it on my vanity or something. Just maybe in a few years i’ll have made some progress😂


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