Monday Fun-Day

Happy Monday the new “Fun-Day”! So glad you stopped in!! I’m so excited to see how this brand new week unfolds!! Pull up a chair, grab something warm to drink, and take a few minutes just for you! Welcome to my world …it’s gonna be a good day!!!

As many of you know I not only have a thing for hot tea but I’m quite addicted to sweet tea. Each day around 2 I like to fill a glass with ice and then fill it to almost overflowing with scrumptious sweet tea…oh it is so yummy…and I savor every single drop!! So what better way to document this Fun-Day then with taking some time to create a page in my Kitchen Keepsake Diary for my famous sweet tea recipe!!!

As I sit here sipping sweet tea and coloring in my recipe book I once again find myself thinking about tea bags.

So on this Fun-Day I want to share just one more tea bag nugget with you …my prayer is that it blesses you!!!

Imagine for a moment that you have the best tea leaves in the world. These leaves have an amazing flavor & a beautiful aroma. You decide to take those yummy leaves and put them in a water tight bag. As you place this bag of tea leaves in your favorite mug, you notice that nothing is happening …. trust me friends, there is no way you will be able to make you a cup of tea!

For the tea bag to work, it needs to be porous, (Google meaning: to have holes through which liquid or air may pass.) We need the tea leaves and the water to come in contact. This is also true in our daily lives, we cannot survive and thrive without contact! Often we find ourselves building walls around our hearts that prevent people from reaching in and connecting with us. We convince ourselves that the walls keep us safe. When in truth these walls make it difficult for us to create relationships.
Walls cause all that’s inside of us to be untouched…. nothing can flow in or out of the walls we’ve built!! Making it almost impossible for us to impact the lives of others! The tea was meant to mingle with the water. Just as each of us were created to mingle and connect with those around us. Be careful not to build a wall around yourself that prevents people from reaching out to you and from you reaching out to them!!

So, as you step into yet another Monday, “Fun-Day” …I challenge you to connect with someone today!! I promise you that it will be worth it!!

Take time today to create something beautiful! Be blessed, be bold, and be you!!!

Love you



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