Tuesday Travel Nuggets and Quotes

Happy Tuesday! It’s gonna be a great day because no matter what you are a Child of God! Thank you for stopping in and spending some of your precious time with me! Welcome to my world!
One of Joey & I’s favorite things to do when we are out traveling in our RV is to share a meal. Not like the normal, he orders his food and then I order my food and we eat together… Β more like we decide on one meal and we share. It’s not because we are cheap but it’s because we love our forks to touch. Β There is something so sweet about sitting down and sharing a meal. “If I share my food with you it’s either because I love you a lot or because it fell on the floor and I don’t want it anymore”.
Everytime we share a meal we find ourselves remembering back to our 2nd wedding anniversary. It was a time of being young parents, living in a horrible poop brown trailer , trying to salvage our marriage , and adapting to life in the Air Force, with more bills than money!! As I sit here typing this post it still brings a smile to my face. It was our night … 2 years of marriage!! I made us a lovely dinner of hamburger helper and toast. I was proud of my accomplishments. Funny, I can still feel the butterflies as I waited for My Airman First Class to come home and for our celebration to begin . After dinner we settled in with 3 VHS tapes of “Lonesome Dove”, (the 6 hour mini series was spread out on 3 VHS tapes, thank God the video shop rented it as one $2 rental) and one pint of Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream, with two spoons!! Laughing out loud at the way our spoons would battle for the gobs of cookie dough. That anniversary was the turning point in our very rocky marriage!! It was the moment that I knew, forever and always and no matter what I would share my ice cream with this man!! God’s grace and faithfulness has carried us through many trails but we face them together allowing HIM to guide us and give us the strength!
Still to this day some time during our anniversary celebration we watch “Lonesome Dove” and share a pint of Ben and Jerry’s!! Each year we still talk about that turning point in our marriage!!
When the world gives you lemons I challenge you to make sweet tea and watch them stand back and wonder how you did it !!
The pic in this post is last Tuesday night of hubby and I sharing a meal and touching forks at the Three Broomsticks in Universal Studios!! It was a magical night! Β Just hanging out, getting in our 3,000 steps and sharing fish & chips!! And because he loves me so much he never asks me to share my butter beer!! Or maybe he doesn’t ask cuz he fears my answer would be NO !!
Be blessed, be bold, and be you!!
Find someone this week to truly share a meal with …let your forks touch and your dreams to be shared !!

12 thoughts on “Tuesday Travel Nuggets and Quotes

  1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ the food falling on the ground so you don’t want it part was too funny. Love it! The story of your hard times turned to mad love is so precious. I know there will be people touched by that testimony of working to make things right instead of giving up and walking away.

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    1. The food on the floor…sad to say, “true story “!! I feel blessed that we had a support system that loved us both .. it helped!! And yes , I would do it all again to be right here …right now!! Lovin my modern day, Boaz! Xoxo Thank you


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