Thursday- devotions with a crayon twist


Good morning and I pray this day is all that you need it to be! You are loved beyond measure and walk in the knowledge that you are a Child of God!! Happy Thursday, Beautiful & welcome to my world !

“For we are all Godโ€™s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.” Ephesians 2:10

The other night I was watching a training video on YouTube and was totally captivated by the speaker . She was standing in front of 3 rather large canvases and they were all blank . She was stressing the point that all of us were a blank canvas created by God and we were HIS masterpiece!! It absolutely took my breath away … the God of glory calls me HIS masterpiece, calls YOU HIS masterpiece!!!

So as you all know I had to Google the word masterpiece, and here are just a few synonyms: showpiece, gem, prize, jewel, and my favorite “piece of the master”. Insert any of those words into today’s scripture in place of masterpiece … trust me it’s mind-blowing. God truly loves what He created !!

We all struggle with seeing ourselves the way God sees us … we often look in the mirror and say, “what’s so special about me?” I find it hard to believe that I am His masterpiece. I’m sure there are some of you reading this right now and nodding your head in agreement !!! If that’s you nodding your head … I want you to STOP right there!! Don’t let those thoughts penetrate… I want you to allow your thoughts to line up with God’s thoughts and HIS thought is that you are HIS masterpiece!!

I want you to listen to truth, the truth that’s in His word, and I want you to hear Him saying things like this, “____________, I love you so much , and you may not get everything right but my thought towards you is for hope and a future. Look in the mirror and see what I see, you are my beautiful creation, you are my masterpiece…you truly are a piece of the master”

The sooner we see ourselves the way HE sees us, we can take reign as a Child of God!!

Never forget your were created by HIM and in HIS image and you are HIS masterpiece!!


Be blessed, be bold, and be you!!


10 thoughts on “Thursday- devotions with a crayon twist

  1. Love words..I find we use them daily without total understanding of meaning….like you… i love to dissect verbage… favorite definition was “a piece of the Master”.. Great Reminder!


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